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Free wheelchairs for hospitals

Hospitals and patients alike depend on the availability of wheelchairs at hospital entrances. In fact, they could not do without them, since thousands of people use them every single day.

On virtually every hospital visit, whether as patient or accompanying a friend or loved one, people make use of wheelchairs. At Vitrina, we understand how vitally important it is to ensure that enough wheelchairs are available at each hospital entrance. In addition, it is essential that they are easy to borrow, comfortable to sit in and simple to manoeuvre.

Vitrina supplies free wheelchairs to nearly every hospital in the Netherlands. Our chairs are fitted with coin slots similar to those in supermarket trolleys, so borrowers simply retrieve their coins when they return a wheelchair to its station. But how can we provide our wheelchairs free of charge? We have placed panels for advertisers under the armrest of each chair – a win-win situation for all parties. Hospitals and hospital visitors have free use of comfortable wheelchairs. And businesses can maintain a presence in busy public spaces such as the lobby, restaurant or coffee area, corridors and waiting rooms, all day and every day.

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